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Several tips for selecting power connector products

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Several tips for selecting power connector products: 1. Contact tension inspection 1. Evaluation board: Developed and designed by Pogopin spring pin connectors, it can be used for universal applications in electronics or power. Design burr area: double connection structure; Electrode: Step test (conventional contact); Electrode interface: using a setting plug-in connector. This indicates that the connector is in normal use.

The spring consists of a 3-position individual structure. There is a common electromagnetic lock structure at the top, which can be locked in case of conflicts between the power and magnetic field circuits of the connector due to electromagnetic errors, to avoid spring damage. When the connector automatically resets, when the connector detects abnormal male and female or circuit wiring, it can separate the external adjacent circuits of the spring to prevent damage. When the wiring harness can be disconnected during operation, please refer to the schematic diagram. The top of the three pressing and buffering applications should use force every time to prevent the foot from touching the spring plate to release it. Forgetting to see the spring spring acting in a timely manner can easily achieve the desired effect of the connector. Because the useful spring has appropriate contact between the probe connector and the busbar on the contact piece. Therefore, there is an appropriate contact method. It is best to use the male and female connectors as contact design inserts, and set a special sealing ring at the compression spring stop to ensure smooth and reliable connection; Cast and embossed with embedded parts, connected with blowtorch or grinding teeth to form a closed loop. When a busbar connector with embedded components is used with only a closed loop, fingerprints can penetrate the specified structure to achieve external tracking and testing.

According to different usage environments, spring probe connectors can also be divided into spring probe connectors for daily work, some use inserts for spring probes, and applications that use spring probe connectors.

The contact resistance of the FPC connector is 1 ohm. Taking one-time insertion and removal as a practice, the influence of surface electroplating and surface electroplating is not appropriate, especially the long service life of insertion and removal, which is due to the significant contact resistance caused by the insertion and removal process

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