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Power connector market, constantly leading the way with innovation

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In the power connector market, innovation continues to lead the way. Improve production process: Efficient production capacity: Convert to 0-100% per hour Input/output points: 18-16 Flags throughout the process: Update format Project approval program: Input/output points: 32-37 pages Shipping information: Latest quotation Quick connector inventory data: 1200600 (original) Supply information: Spot inventory: 500 pieces/Installation improvement+inventory: 7170 (original) Warehouse: Various parts buckle and locking schemes: PLC part number: JC25T-410 Packaging size. one hundred and sixty × 25mm overall size, physical parameters, rated current: 30A, quality parameter SMPW - $110, contact resistance: 40m Ω, operating temperature. 40 ° Cto+to 158 ° CMA wire specification: 02I mm -102 product category. 2. Wire specification: 003 × 95 times rated voltage: 150V DC external alloy tube brass pearl tube stainless steel wire specification: 02I/mm 06 automotive connector Hainan Province.

Business philosophy: 1. Controllable product quality: Establish a continuous quality management system with innovative technology and management, and create a source of controllable product quality.

Service Policy: Provide connectors for overall electrical equipment, raw materials, metal materials, and engineering service quality.

After sales service: Over the past 24 hours, we have provided detailed engineering projects according to customer requirements and received on-site feedback from customers.

Service Policy: Actively learning and interpreting the market, controlling the market, paying attention to the new needs of industry development, inviting you to answer customers' various, limited, and commonly used information; Provide customers with cutting-edge advice and opinions on service quality, after-sales service quality, and customer experience.

Service requirements: While showcasing resources, customers should also serve the environment well, pay attention to service quality, satisfy their user experience, and have professional training and management capabilities. We will meet your needs to a reasonable extent.

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