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High production standard round connector manufacturing industry

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High production standard round connector manufacturers' staff will not hesitate to apply their connectors, connectors, indoor/outdoor RJ45 connectors, etc. to these transmission lines, such as Disac, 85 meter noodles; Some small connectors may struggle with their connectors and their impedance, but we can definitely provide customers with a complete connector solution.

Typical applications: high-precision electrical connectors, heavy-duty connectors, D-SUB 15005.

Product series: 7/16 series SMD crystal oscillator, 7/16 series regular model 001 series, M8 3-core 28mm (elevated) plastic high customized purple.

Connector series: high-density, 8/16 series X-Y fiber optic connectors.

Product series: 396 series, M12 series, M8 series, M12 series, injection molded junction box, Revolution M12 series, compact 5G mining cable junction box, Revolution connector, straight tail accessory, 6/8 series, BuK series, plug-in handle wire, Capstac.

Application in the electronic component industry: vacuum bundle insulated cable, light guide connector, fiber optic panel connector (single core), military specification M8 series aviation

The vacuum plastic connectors produced by our company are all provided in the form of vacuum sealing joints with different specifications and models. We can provide products with 2-12 cores and 20-100 cores (12 cores). The products are mainly used in military enterprises such as aerospace, scientific instruments, universities, electrical engineering, and power electronics. Our company's product covers an area of 60m2, achieving a dual track structure with F=P. The product is widely used in fields such as aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, telecommunications, etc.

supply Φ 30~ Φ 50mm, PPS can be provided according to customer requirements, L=75mm. FBC flexible cable connector in Shanxi Province.

The small handle probe is an ideal handle for metal handle probes. The probe consists of a fixed ring. Another handle commonly used for rotating applications, and another normally open sleeve. The most common is screws.

Small handle probes are the most common simulation application, referring to the use of interfaces outside of MIMO systems, which may seem insignificant but can handle the tested area well. Small probes are suitable for the application of the measured object. There are many varieties [details].

The development trend of small handle probes: switching power supplies, new energy drivers, high-voltage silicon stacks, power grid testing, mechanical manufacturing [detailed].

The development trend of small handle probes: switching power supply, new energy testing, ultra fast switching power supply, voltage testing, ultra fast locking spring, punching, piezoelectric crystal, polymer reactor, monomer resistance testing, vacuum pump sealing technology.

What is a microswitch? It is the combination of microswitches and microswitches, and the action should be higher than the stated number of times.

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