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Tips for replying to inquiries about board to board connectors: How to negotiate the price

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Tips for replying to inquiries about board to board connectors: How to negotiate prices, stocks

If there are similarities in the internal structure of non printed circuit connectors in version 02, there may be too much confusion. You can seek a foundation in electrical engineering, and this is inevitably the most important version.

● Contact structure: The contact part of a connector refers to the circular socket where a PCB is inserted and forms a connector with another component.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "providing high-quality service to customers" and utilizes the brand concept of "committed to making customers a perfect and popular connector brand". With the spirit and loyalty of excellent employees, it has won the trust and support of a large number of customers. SSMB connector in Shenyang city.

Chuanlian Electric, mechanical performance, internal operation with signal transmission; Transmission signal reproducibility, long service life Our mission - Chuanlian Electric, Chuanlian Electric is the core partner of all your connector products. Our mission and team have a high attitude. With continuous innovative research and development, process equipment selection, equipment technology, structural innovation, and batch issuance, we ensure that we meet your needs to provide you with customized and customized terminal products.

Equipped with a high-level technical and sales team, our products have reliable quality, stable performance, and on-time delivery, fully meeting your needs. We have globally advanced transportation and logistics advantages.

The product is applied in industries such as power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, mining, oil plants, tank companies, military industry, mobile power supply, public utilities, etc.

The company has five major development technologies, including mold design, mold manufacturing, stamping, and automated assembly. Its unique processing technology relies on mold manufacturing and manufacturing technology, with the ability to fully automate flip flop and molding, and can achieve automated mechanical and electrical performance of mechanical semi solidification.

Adopting automated equipment for production, logistics processing, and inspection services, the warehouse management system is user-friendly and easy to operate. The processing equipment independently developed by Huipu Technology has a Huipu Technology laser welding machine, which has a low qualification rate for production equipment. Fully automated production equipment can achieve a production capacity turnover rate of dozens of times.

Breaking away from technology and automation, building production automation solutions, and providing customers with one-stop services.

With lean management oriented towards automated equipment production, logistics processing, and automation management, high-quality quality assurance, and professional technical support, Huipu Technology has become an industrial 40 growth point and an industrial 40 growth point.

With the continuous development of technology, non-standard automation equipment such as automatic lathes, ordinary cars, and mechanical rulers have been upgraded and replaced with new types of laser printing to produce more stable products. Automatic lathe processing not only follows the dates of manual production, but also widely adapts to new production processes, constantly innovating to meet people's new development needs, making the products continuously become leading enterprises of the times.

Developing laser processing equipment to achieve efficient automated production, continuously improving product quality, and achieving years of strong production facilities in good condition, meeting industrial manufacturing needs such as chemical, heavy machinery, physical and chemical warehousing, and physical and chemical equipment.

Based on the "efficient" strategy of the group company, we aim to develop the "professional" concept of "strong prevention", actively assume strategic responsibility, and strive to become an advanced benchmark for laser processing and quantification equipment at home and abroad with "high-level and innovative skills" as the core, moving towards becoming the "Laser 9000" and leading the laser industry.

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