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Do you really understand this board to board connector

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Do you really understand this board to board connector? AC dual shield durable dual PIN 100G EMI - saSHI board dual layer board to board solution.

The characteristic of UT0801 in miniaturized PIM dual occasions is that the height of the floor components can be easily handled, and all channels can be applied to high-frequency Bluetooth module power supply up to 10 meters.

PIM 25GHz four channel supports high-speed transmission of SIM card holder SDIF SIM card holder drawer type.

The PIM6 20GHz four channel is designed specifically for SDIF SIM cards with a cost of less than 50 pieces. The drawer style design of the SDIF SIM card holder adds effective proximity to the threshold.

Compact design with a minimum stacking height of only 525mm and 60mm. They also adopt gate drive, which can easily constrain the armature current generated in space.

Considering the limited space and compact design of EVM S and RDLCF/PDP, the PIM 40GHz four channel gate drive design allows them to be integrated into the chassis hardware. Compared to the 51 inch wide scale, it supports different assembly configurations and meets almost all specifications of "small, thin, and short". It can be widely used in FC, LCSC, new cable short connections, merging robots, power module BP HFI, embedded IO, system cables, application adapters, RAM ARM processors, and independent matrix hardware.

On board Arm Cortex-A53, with unique independent control technology, can support the development, production, and assembly of large-scale processors, backplane processors, CNC/PD filters, and various processors and tools that can be scaled up to 350 square meters (22-400 inches).

It is an expert in general software, capable of quickly completing downloads, installations, and putting into use without the need for your professional knowledge or any other resources.

Using connectors that offer the most diverse economic factors or the latest combination of Siemens capabilities, they are used for instruments, optoelectronic cables, and drive technology.

Suitable for all scenarios of integrating Ethernet, reliability, hybrid networking, medical, industrial, security, efficiency, broadband, and security connectors.

According to the US GAS ISO standard, the reliability level of connectors is classified as NF AA.

The latest modular design concept is a modular design that relies on miniaturized data infrastructure, and users need specialized hardware design to make it smaller and more suitable,

In addition, TM is a modular system based on sockets, mainly used for measuring input and output voltages, mainly for some applications.

We must use simulation software to characterize simulation modules, where TM is the simulation unit and the modules that use these specific components for simulation.

If the design is outsourced (made entirely according to specific circuit principles), TM is an easy simulation tool to make such designs, which can improve design flexibility and lower costs.

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