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High production standard round connector factory

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A round connector factory with high production standards, providing all types of process flow for the requirements of standard round connector manufacturers.

Used for the standard SD11 series connector SD11 connector system.

The SD11 flexible SD11 connector system supports multiple industry standard connectors, including vertical or horizontal installation (rack mounted), or plug-in and closing connection systems, for welding, mixing, and focusing arrangements, linear and circular arrangements, and a connector system that is easy to plug and quickly install. SD11 series connectors SD12 series connectors SD4 connectors are used for quick installation, insertion, fixation, repair, and steering applications.

A framework solution specifically designed to provide customized XMT series and YMT series hybrid connectors, with outstanding market share.

SD11 series connector SD164 series connector TF split type/180 ° type connector/card seat connector front end crimping connector electronic connector wiring harness connector solenoid valve connector wiring harness.

The SD80 series connectors are high-temperature resistant and high-quality, with various socket sizes of mm and contact pairs.

SD20 series straight in connector SMT series straight in connector lift cover type 0 # LN adapter.

8 connectors can provide 14 core plugs and 13 core cable connectors, which can connect 2 core diameter ranges of 7/16 cores with 2 pin numbers of 3, 12 pin numbers of 48, and 12 pin numbers of 48.

C02135 series plug cable connector, single or double row nail shaped unsheathed connector, 8/13 series connector, hook type connector, IDC connector, MINI connector.

Scsi connector 2 pin waterproof high current connector scsi plug waterproof connector.

IN SMT sinking plate connector Siemens 16PIN side plug DC 26AWG SMT high current connector.

SCSI socket Micro-02PIN SMT male female pair SIM card slot connector Siemens DP9 with 2 female pair connectors and 1 PCB male bent female pair circuit board connector.

SCSI plug LED wiring terminal 8PIN vertical mount female LED wiring terminal 7+15 device with screw terminal connector.

Pet/pet Shanxi door lock switch with screw lock CNEL horizontal plug-in pin connector.

SCSI plug and socket 8PIN IPX8 grade marked SMT vertical plug-in.

Product Name: Supply hrsPC FPC connector LVW-15 SMT buckle.

Mitsubishi PF-125A miniature circuit breaker, fixed buckle Multi C (with lock).

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