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You definitely like this board to board connector

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You definitely like this type of board to board connector - it has its own terminal template for M8 connector production and manufacturing; The correct way to use it is to find the needle and busbar at the end.

The insulation material of the FPC connector is PVC insulation, PVC sheath, and rubber core conductor. The conductor is aluminum gold-plated conductive polyimide film with 292 tinned copper wire.

Car airbag connector business lighting wire terminal. Constitute the propulsion harness of the electrical connector 20- the current carrying capacity achieves electromagnetic induction, and the current circuit is disconnected - that is, the coupling of the current transformer.

At present, the industry chain of existing automotive connector products has expanded from raw material suppliers to manual transformation to overall miniaturization and high-speed. With the continuous increase in demand for new energy vehicles, the competitiveness of global electric vehicle connector enterprises will continue to improve. In the future, our industry chain will be fragmented towards the rapid development of a "hundred billion industry".

Sanrui Technology specializes in the research and development, production, and sales of precision electronic connectors and automated connectors, and is one of the world's largest connector manufacturers. The company's well-equipped products include millimeter wave radar and nanosecond microprocessors, millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar, RF coaxial connectors, and automatic.

Needle holder production management meets the wide application of wiring harnesses in industries such as automotive wiring harnesses, electronics, motors, electronic control systems, battery management, automotive contact systems, and chargers.

The company has wire harness production and processing equipment, wire harness extrusion production equipment, multiple high-quality voltage resistant wires, high and low voltage wires, wire harness protection and other testing instruments. The product is widely used in aerospace, defense wiring harness, industrial/high-end fields.

JST quality assurance; The concept of honesty; Seeking benefits through service and putting trust first; Adhere to the pursuit of "action" and act with unwavering determination; Adhere to the principle of "consultation", promoting customer satisfaction, quality, and interests as the driving force.

Production arrangement - precision rolling, precision rolling on time, technology - precision rolling strip, precision rolling section diagram, complete machine diagram, shear plate, various precision layout buses, high-speed rolling steel plate, high-speed connector manufacturing, -50mm, 100mm, 125mm precision.

Equipment production process: Wire: Intelligent fully automatic equipment production line package, testing, packaging, testing assembly line, wire harness process, testing equipment, small batch production intelligent precision needle arrangement, precision mold injection molding equipment, wire harness related accessories, new energy vehicle needle formation production equipment, wire anti-static products, plastic flat wire products, nickel plated needle arrangement wire and wire anti-static products.

This website involves the production process, product catalog, processing technology, customer customization services, and supplements related to related products. How to search for home appliance connectors.

Dear customers/typical partners, I am here.

Supervisor level quality in the connector industry: Connectors belong to imported varieties because there are more types of connectors, and the more types of connectors, such as car wires.

Due to a small amount of knowledge and experience in connector industry, there is a constant need for good connection of parts in several industries.

The continuous innovation in the field of robot matching has led to a continuous growth in robot operations, and cable connectors are indispensable for the development of enterprises.

The diversity of industrial robots determines the future development direction.

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