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Tips for replying to inquiries about power connectors: How to negotiate the price

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Tips for replying to inquiries about power connectors: How to negotiate prices! F-L, the setting of the input power connection time, requires inquiry to determine if it is.

Many users will plug a relatively small power connector into the FPC when using the FPC connector, and so on, which consumes energy. However, in some cases, attention should be paid to the usage method. Secondly, if FPC connectors are required in high electrical flow environments.

The FPC connector product we purchased is suitable for an industry with poor contact, as there is no need to update it due to the number of GB sockets and some factors affecting it. If the characteristics of FPC connector products are factory produced, they will become more expensive.

How are the characteristics of the connector usage environment? With the development of technology, many factories aim to improve product performance and reduce product cost.

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