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High production standard round connector company

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A round connector company with high production standards can meet the market's expectations for innovation and also meet manufacturers' expectations.

We can provide a wide range of small circles with a spacing of 254mm, low back, dynamic contact, plug and unplug life, and high speed stability and reliability.

The HK series fiber optic connector is a high-performance, thin equipment with rotary rigidity or small volume connectors. The HK series fiber optic connectors use a high-performance, rigid or compact connector. Capable of meeting the needs of use under harsh conditions.

Card connectors provide connectors and socket contacts, and offer two types of plug and socket installation.

The BNC series fiber optic connectors adopt a reinforced and durable casing, with multi degree of freedom optical coupling efficiency. These wavelengths are in the millimeter wave frequency band and above, providing direct optical coupling.

Industrial grade quality: To achieve long-term stability in production, maintaining cleanliness requires stretching, while thermal expansion and contraction are the basic requirements for sealing components.

High quality fiber optic connectors, optical waveguide prepared fiber optic connector parts, customized design and production of gold plated series fiber optic connectors, optical preparation series connectors, fiber optic connector series, customized design and production of fiber optic connectors, optical preparation series, raw materials and prices vary, and there are few export product manufacturing and mass production fields.

The model of the parts is significantly larger. Generally, silver plated copper connectors are used for the parts, and the shell is made of stainless steel. Copper tube welding and T injection molding process are used, all of which are products of the same series in China and require a long service life.

Assemble a universal connector and place it on the PCB board to secure the two insulation pipes on the connector.

Different external shielding layers can be selected according to customer needs.

The shielding layer of the product is usually woven or uses copper braided joints to prevent the characteristics from being affected by external electromagnetic fields.

As a universal standard, international connectors and kits can adapt to future development trends

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