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The power connector industry is facing challenges and is waiting for its rise

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The power connector industry is facing challenges and is waiting to rise.

The 20 Anderson plugs cannot be fully connected to the load type product Omron plugs, so they cannot fully cover the motor.

The plug and socket cannot be completely disassembled: generally, the voltage level requirement can reach Z to 06/1.

● Comprehensive strategy: The accessories of connector products are specially designed, taking into account quality, performance, and appearance, while also possessing good weldability and mechanical strength.

Excellent mechanical phase stability when the product has a smooth and circular appearance. (If the part or its head is plugged or unplugged, the handle on the palm should be tight when the plug is unplugged. For users, the impact force or contact point cannot fall steadily all the time.).

● Insertion and extraction: The connector adopts a fast wiring method to ensure appropriate insertion and extraction force. Generally, when working, the contact force is not less than 01g, which will increase the contact resistance between the connector and the socket, promoting better maintenance.

● Insertion and unplugging: The connector adopts wire spring measures internally, which is different from the frame material and meets the performance requirements of the contract type connector. There are two common types of cores: 2-26 cores, 2-32 cores, and 3-32 cores (conductors are generally single core bare copper).

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