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Board to board connectors, we are professional

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We are a professional manufacturer of board to board connectors, specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of board to board connectors.

Strictly implement the "collar" standard, have a special management understanding of imported connector products, standardize according to customer needs, modernize production equipment, make product process changes, and make product process more scientific.

Highly standardized, with strict control over production processes, for 38 or 12/16 connectors, line to board connectors, line to line connectors, board to line connectors, floating connection board to board, board to line connectors, floating connection board, board to board, FPC connectors, high-speed transmission connectors, high-speed data storage, and improving the contact surface of industrial PIN pins.

We have advanced production equipment both domestically and internationally, and can customize and process various types of connectors according to customer needs.

We specialize in manufacturing and selling signal connectors and wiring harnesses, connectors, new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, battery management system wiring harnesses, and high-voltage wiring harnesses.

The company has rich experience in technology research and development, production and manufacturing, strong warehousing and logistics systems, ensuring the stability of various commodity supply and geographical location, and ensuring traceability of archive delivery. It is a leading connector supplier in China. 7DIN disk.

Our products cover well-known brands both domestically and internationally, such as SCSI, XILINX, ALTERA, MINI, etc., and are widely used in 250 industrial projects such as access control systems, supermarket electronics, communication equipment, new energy vehicles, packaging equipment, etc.

Equipped with advanced domestic testing instruments, we are able to customize and produce products based on the characteristics of our customers and the different customers we consider. We also have advanced production line and mold supply manufacturers.

Sensor type. As a digital quantization integrated circuit, PLC is the output of digital I/O/IO signals, also known as communication IO or model recognition IO. It can be used to identify excuses through software, and the PLC synthesized in the workshop can achieve active and passive sensor commands.

As the only alternative collector for IO IF's own output signal (IO), its interference suppression techniques should be limited by digital modulation.

A comprehensive testing process is conducted before/after the start of testing to provide an auxiliary experience.

The basic concept of the application of multiple barcode information points in IO systems, in order to decompose and summarize the correction methods for manufacturing defects based on specific IO system data.

- Fiber coupling: 125nm, 850nm is located in the area between the fiber core and the optical end, 320nm is perpendicular to the cavity surface. When this type of wire/connector is molded, the surface may not come into contact with the solid or optical mirror (usually 125um when not in contact with light).

- No configuration - Use flange connectors between fiber optic coupling drums to obtain nearby addresses and dimensions.

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