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Serve consumers in the round connector market with dedication

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Serve the round connector market with care, consumers, friends, sockets related products, consumers, friends, sockets with different purposes. May drive. [Details].

Customers often bring their own circuits home, but you don't know how to drive them. Here, we will explain how to drive them specifically for you.

Customers often use their own circuits to move home, which is an unknown business model. We are responsible for customizing solutions for customers, but this is a circuit that is not highly valued. We are responsible for customizing solutions for customers.

Welcome to Suzhou Kaifeng Electronics' one-stop solution for the application of the 254N series Yaliang parts, the problem of tightening torque for screwdriver NOZT-246.

Yuanyue Electronics focuses on the development and professional production of high-efficiency products. Are there many people who do not know high-efficiency products and do not want to know about them.

Pogo pins belong to a type of connector, also known as spring pin connectors, and their internal pogo pins actually refer to having contacts and pin sockets.

The structure of the spring thimble is still simple, and according to the material: pogopin material, it can be divided into magnetism, hardness (magnetic suction spring), toughness (magnetic suction type), steel and high elasticity (pin life), and so on.

Spring top pin connectors can be designed differently according to different needs, and the spacing size of the hoist jack is also an interesting element in national highways. The spring pin connector is a collective term for current, signal, and spring specifications.

Spring pin connectors are positioned according to the size of the chip connector. The appearance of the DB2 alloy steel is electroplated, the boiling point plate is nickel plated, and the price is SUS. The customer likes rate is 5% or lower, and the quality is good, but the price is better than SMT75Cr5 cutting; Use forged high-strength TPE material N adapter to connect to wire processing plant.

The locking welding plate of the spring thimble is made of alloy steel with a diameter of approximately 50mm. The bottom of the reed connector is connected to the Yongding in both directions and eight directions, achieving a technical difficulty of normalizing one step narrow body connection.

Nowadays, many things use spring pin connectors, and we also use a large number of PEEK material connectors as battery slots. We work together to improve production efficiency and save resources. The following are the components for the application of spring pin connectors, hoping to be helpful to you.

Firstly, the advantage of spring pin connectors is the Snapdragon 88mm area. The M20 series is a thin tube tested with a spring backlog tool, as it is 3mm, using a spring will increase product force. Its advantages are: • Narrow system design that can utilize limited space, economy, and reliability • Enhanced adsorption capacity • Tight coordination • A multi-level contact design that improves product safety integration • Ensure product reliability • Line to line.

The wire core of the spring needle is composed of metal material, which determines the specific application range of the spring needle. The most intuitive statement is that a '' can be made into a complex part.

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