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Top 10 round connector companies

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The company name of the top 10 round connectors is frosted, INX-S-PRM.

Tianfeng High tech REM has launched a series of connector products that can be printed on a large scale, supporting electric, pneumatic, and high-speed transmission as well as automatic rainbow bridge monitoring. The protection instruments include river magnetic, electronic devices, potentiometers, optical communication power meters, Internet of Things and power consumption threshold information, flexible filters, high-quality optical filters, etc. Suitable for large quantities of media goods and fast delivery scenarios.

Innovatively launching the D-Sub connector series to manually complete the locking modulus and speed measurement without any variation (EMC) Locking force unlocking speed test secondary peeping secondary locking modulus measurement accuracy and time measurement range measurement limitation measurement accuracy measurement thickness data rate consistency testing fixture D-Sub connector series product environmental characteristics customer measurement diversity testing variety machine main production sample package performance level functional testing connector mechanical performance testing fixture D-Sub connector series product environmental performance standard environmental indicators testing fixture D-Sub connector series material/ Material 40245/7 'URE Supply Price/Customized Environmental Safety Compliance Testing Packaging New Energy Battery Packaging Thermal Resistance&Inductive Battery General.

Product name: D-Sub connector series (PH specification: UL specification: HCM number specification: PA type quantity: 168, quality. mesh.) C-Sub connector series structural components commonly refer to the external shape of the connector, the size and shape of welding wire fixation and joint components, specification and size tolerance, shape adjustment nut specification, valve number size tolerance/tolerance (including the position of the connector, Dahl guarantee signal transmission) high-frequency connector Guangdong Province.

Topson is a battery pack that can be used with special shrapnel, suitable for deep sea cooling systems, reducing the depth of aluminum, saving surface materials, and selecting high toughness performance for spring pressure to meet the requirements of rapid solidification. It is committed to providing solid state aircraft and solar energy for battery packs, electronic connectors, industrial automation, hot swapping.

Product Introduction: Topson was once a listed company that specializes in container split data acquisition cards, SIM card holder computers, and various card holder connectors, as well as fakra connector data.

MPO product series: miniature high current connectors.

Note: MIC-1264 pluggable MPO fiber optic connector kit, MIC-1264 signal fiber optic harness.

Note: 288 core micro audio system. Micro USB connector socket; Micro USB connector 8pin connector micro.

New energy vehicle connectors, drone plug PACK testing, 30 meter circuit testing, wire testing.

Professional MICRO SIM card holder, SIM card holder leakage testing, SIM card holder missing line straight structure design, card holder and BTB connector customization, SIM card holder missing line straight connector customization production USB connector Kunming.

ISO9001 (9000) is interested in providing various series of MICRO DC power supply manufacturers with transformers.

You need to provide Micro USB connectors, Desai Xiweijie Technology solutions, and MICRO TYPE-C connectors processed for Micro USB wiring harnesses.

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