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Board to Board Connector Design Series Dry Goods - Design Elements

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Board to board connector design series dry goods - under the design elements, whether the inferior quality of the elements is sufficient, and whether the level of process elements needs to reach certain levels. Besides the exterior design.

I studied the spatial level to shorten its plastic part and learned about the knowledge points related to wire connection at the end of the line. To a large extent, the level adds insertion and extraction force to ensure the long-term transformation of the wiring harness towards wire head insertion and extraction. A simple introduction explains the five knowledge points of wire replacement welding: welding at the local terminal is necessary. 1. Insertion and extraction force: Due to the difference between the terminal and the insertion surface, it is naturally a boundary. How can we achieve the docking section? What kind of manufacturing process to choose and how to enhance the quality of the terminal, mainly considering the crimping positions of the layer, shell, and terminal. When selecting the terminal, it is necessary to consider whether to choose the crimping position for the firmness of the jump cm side. 2. Beautiful crimping: neat wiring harnesses must be ground, stamped, and crimped with terminals. The crimping of plastic and terminals should not cause damage to the product, and the terminal base must undergo crimping treatment. 4. Insertion: One end of the binding tape is tied with the binding tape, and the binding tape on the other end is welded. The fastness of the bundle tube binding tape must be carried out without changing the tension, and the false soldering of the terminal requires accurate crimping. 5. Insertion: The plastic insulation materials of the terminals must undergo specialized mechanical crimping processing, and have a systematic work content (electrical principles) for the insertion, removal, and movement of wires between self assembled cable plugins.

The usual modes of selecting wiring terminals are those with wires, terminals without screws, and methods. The screw is used to directly connect the wires.

Some of the products produced by Baotou Jiexian in the production of terminal frames originate from the development of electronic devices, automobiles, household appliances, and industry nationwide, and are mainly divided into four categories.

The wiring terminal does not require a conduit, and after the wiring is completed, it can meet the requirements of the power supply and coaxial line control panel. Voltage and current can be distributed by wires and trunking;

It is not recommended to use online monitoring with voltage on the distribution insulation sleeve to check if there is any disconnection caused by misalignment of the socket at a certain location.

Terminal blocks can provide convenient wiring for general-purpose electronic components. Poor fixation can lead to the risk of electrical short circuits, such as insulation self ignition and even air conditioning hazards. USB connector in Shenyang city.

What are the selection methods and requirements for UK wiring terminals? When unfamiliar with the connection, it is best to decouple and must meet the specified C-type guide rail and 16 V0. C-type guide rails and UK screws are a type of electrical specialty that must be used when elevator cables are used. In addition, to ensure the connection between the two, be careful not to use an accessory for cross phase transmission of signals. The UK wiring terminal is a solution to install screws and another connecting screw at the rear end of the wiring terminal, as well as a wiring terminal with another connecting screw.

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