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Low season round connector industry hopes for stable growth

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In the off-season, the round connector industry hopes for stable growth and a promising future for the high-end military industry of bicycles.

The 12th Five Year Plan "promotes" fast action ", implements the" strategic heterogeneity "of core markets, and proposes efficient services such as" short channel declaration and information declaration "to target industries; According to the implementation and promotion needs of the fundamental task of "action completion", accelerate transformation, upgrading, and application investment, accelerate operation and maintain customer relationships; Cooperate with experts to promote multiple collaborations, aiming to develop and strengthen the enterprise, achieve strategic "action plans", and achieve steady improvement.

Committed to achieving the development of strategic emerging industries and establishing the cornerstone of emerging industries; A new business matrix and antenna products based on the research and development, sales, after-sales, and service of base station antennas and antenna products, as well as high-end antenna products, are widely used in convenient services and comprehensive market productization solutions.

Relying on the development concept and advantages of "mobile communication, resource saving&platform", with technological innovation as the core and technological innovation as the concept of supporting development, we will build the cornerstone of emerging industry development. At present, the construction of "mobile communication, resource conservation and platform" has become the mainstream, creating new value for products through technological innovation and building a new cornerstone of the Internet of Things.

Mobile communication and antenna products have excellent functions such as reliable development, testing, partial discharge and intermittent voltage testing, electrical power consumption evaluation, remote operation and maintenance function testing, and meet industry standards according to national standards.

The commonly used antenna measurement systems use precise sensors, electrical and electrical system technology, computer technology, and detection equipment. The products have wide applications in 5G communication, optical communication, consumer electronics, intelligent products, cloud computing, big data, and other fields.

Thank you for your statement on the development of China's mobile communication network. What are your views on products and high-quality customer information when obtaining fresh products and high-quality services, such as LPWTTLA indoor antenna testing, aerospace civilian WiFi antenna testing, satellite navigation communication system security standards, military equipment testing, satellite wiring IPC testing, MLCC v15 standard remote coordination network technology forum and customer discussion Product RF market power installation testing technology forum and service exhibition, etc.

The EPC ADSP base station equipment uses an antenna measurement system, while the VDASS/SC calibration base station equipment uses an antenna measurement system. Currently, this system varies in the research and application stages of various industries. ADSP has various antennas, which meet various modular antennas with detection and common mode frequency measurement communication targets between millimeter ME sensors. It is the best method to measure the performance of ADSP base station equipment and foreign military equipment. The EPC ADSP base station equipment uses an antenna measurement system, designed specifically for on-site electromagnetic wave and electronic equipment. It is an ideal choice for other computer room equipment to use ADSP base station equipment for measurement and measurement.

In order to meet today's needs, it covers all these small base stations, which are oriented towards the plug-in network and provide a lasting channel for miniaturization of high-speed devices. They are the feed point to point transmission of computers and single machines, microcomputers, and even multimedia.

It is a dual multi-channel measurement solution that can be applied simultaneously with multiple terminal devices and does not require cables and optical fiber systems. It can be used for fiber optic testing and micro optical imaging.

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