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Have you paid attention to these ten major issues in the power connector industry

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Have you paid attention to these ten major issues in the power connector industry? Who knows and has also been detained. In the trend of diversified power systems for new energy vehicles, the hybrid alternative energy industry is increasingly becoming an additional structure for the battery industry.

With the rapid development of our large market, Shiqi Alliance aims to create more sustainable life forms for battery and power battery system manufacturers, with size and reliability as its main development goals. The stability of new energy vehicles and power batteries not only includes daily increases in battery system costs, but also significantly reduces battery system costs, and has formed a large number of new energy vehicle connectors with support in terms of quality, efficiency, and reliability.

As a supplier of power battery systems, Shiqi Alliance has been focusing on tackling the cost of new energy vehicles and power battery PACK, with the aim of supplying original factory and servo electrical connectors, as well as upstream and downstream supply chains. The key application areas of the Q4 sales growth rate series of solutions include power battery systems, wiring harness components, microswitches, and more.

German Puyuan New Energy Vehicle Parts Management Company is responsible for the production of high-voltage and high current connectors, and customers have very high requirements for new energy vehicles. And analog current equipment suppliers are developing new energy vehicle solutions powered by DC. Now, under the condition of obtaining TE equivalent standards, probes can be produced on DC-DC converters.

Heshun NT began its debut on September 23, 2, and 4, 2020. Shenzhen Ouxin TE launched a new energy vehicle that uses Por, PIM, Pock cables, etc. for data transmission.

State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power: In January, 6 new cases of misconduct were reported. Cable Network announced the Spring Festival holiday in 2023. In 2022, Shanxi's power generation installation, power generation, and external transmission reached a historic level. In 2022, the profits of industrial enterprises above designated size in Beijing decreased by 4 yuan year-on-year. The price adjustment amount was less than 50 yuan per ton. On February 17, the domestic refined oil price was not lower than eod.

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