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How can we negotiate with the power connector customer like this without an order

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How can we negotiate with power connector customers like this without an order? Directly, now it's all called.

Write the positioning of the ultra small plug in the first two UE's and the transmission of the actual first two signals. According to product specifications, it can be divided into 254mm or 254mm; According to product spacing, it can be divided into 127mm spacing, 20mm spacing, 254mm spacing, 508mm spacing, 10mm spacing, and 125mm spacing; Colors and levels of detail can be customized according to actual situations.

These three plugins are wired and wireless connection methods for production connectors. During production, 20 types of PCIe x16 were used as audio circuits, which are semi compatible with six types of USB 20, version numbers B and 016. I was asked more today. What are the five models to be introduced today, all starting from the production process of USB connectors.

The ERNI USB adopts a double-layer rolled edge, reinforced and layered design, which is a standard front and back rolled edge. Use a tape measure for layout, with copper sheets pressed one by one.

ERNI USB has good noise resistance, lower component, and tighter connection

Generally speaking, ensure that the connectors are aligned and do not form any pressure sinks. The use of terminals can significantly crush cables and damage electricity.

The company's implementation principles for product development are indeed very flexible, which can enable these production and manufacturing processes to achieve success.

The production workshop sub equipment is the introduction of basic knowledge, process control, and production control methods by our company. The equipment can control its specific accuracy.

Engineering services: In the production workshop, it is necessary to participate in engineering services every day. You can often see that before starting work, you need to maintain the workshop for your own benefit.

Our circuit breaker, faulty ASB plug-in circuit breaker, will be replaced before operation.

Our 75 gauge card and accessory combination uses these components. We have three boards included.

Both specifications of circuit breakers, fuses, and circuit breakers can be used for installation.

Our maintenance cabinet. Our repair cabinet repair - electrical cabinet. Our maintenance cabinets provide high-quality and state-of-the-art technology. Electrical auxiliary equipment.

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