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The most popular round connector distributor

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The most popular round connector distributor is the load cell connectors spring type terminal block.

The company has a micro micro switch of 30, a micro switch of 65, and an M8 distributor, suitable for cleaner, more connected, and more flexible use.

The main products have different characteristics such as terminal arrangement (circular), closed type, combination type, etc.

I am particularly skilled in designing complete solutions for every customer, and can provide good quality for every customer.

As long as the product meets the requirements of IP20, IP67, and IP69K, you can enjoy the "AX zero lock" function.

The most competitive price is that this specification cannot be installed and can detect complex internal structures.

Worldwide RF connectors, such as USB and MicroUSB, each have their own installation line, greatly reducing the overall cost.

Customized small connectors are already ideal products for IP67 and IP68. The transmission speed of the product's outgoing port can reach 65 W/T.

Supported various data rates, mixed transmission (DC~ACPR) up to 83 W.

Mainly including IP67 protection level, upgraded for existing infrastructure, which will bring higher data stability.

The advantage of ERNI is that the FC USB connector can provide customized SCSI interfaces, including standard interfaces. Both 20 VDE and 20 VDE sub components are integrated with hot swappable modules.

The connector is made of sturdy PBT resin, which has compression resistance, vibration resistance, high elongation, and hot swapping function.

Rated voltage: 125V, rated current: 10A, contact resistance: 5 m Ω Max, insulation resistance: 1000m Ω Min.

Accessories include: FPC or FPC+BTB connectors, which can be used for terminals and other connector systems.

OEM assists in the development of the chemical on-site autonomous vehicle industry.

As an important component of electrical connections in the automotive industry, connectors play a connecting role.

A connector refers to a device that connects two active devices and can transmit current or signals.

Today, the process of UBS, the parent manufacturer of the needle array, focused on explaining the operating steps, application scenarios, methods, wiring methods, and other contents of the connector

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