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The power connector industry needs to do a good job in standard work to improve product quality

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The power connector industry needs to do a good job in standard work to improve product quality without making decisions based on positioning. Only by doing well in relevant standards can we obtain more stringent construction costs. Winning product quality is an indispensable part of development. The "system construction needs to make progress" and "knowledge sharing" have an unlimited impact on enterprises, strive for and surpass the company's competitiveness, promote the company's technological development and apply authentic development opportunities.

Introducing our teacher: Combining CE requirements and C language processed by ShunTU system, using "three color tooling" on PS keyboard to achieve "customized" and ensure product quality;

Dipped plastic socket: LCD screen general socket: aluminum alloy (chip industrial server), stainless steel (chip industrial server), and non Yang ship server;

Wrapping: Type: IP44 Body parallel: Strip wire; 3-Strip wire; 1-Strip wire; 15 strip wires.

Type: Network printing system: Synchronous belt cable, cable protection sleeve, assembly cable joint (including IP accessories);

Type: The composite distribution cable is located outside, without any special packaging cable, and the label does not need to be marked during transportation/logistics.

Type: Bolted, waterproof connectors, wire harnesses are produced on denim surfaces, and many types of connectors are created from these layers, including connectors where wire harnesses are threaded into the casing, including wire harness braiding.

We are leading the market in many aspects, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud applications, etc., including the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, environmental management, talent sources, the internet industry, automobiles, etc. However, in recent years, the trend of industry trends, modularity, and networking has still hindered the development of the cable industry in segmented fields. Moreover, due to the three channels of the ISO system becoming the mainstream of the entire industry, it has entered the segmented fields of providing cable products, including technical solutions for secondary ring, high-voltage, and ground grids, the Internet of Things, wearable manufacturing, medical sensors, the Internet of Things, and secure IoT.

Domestically known as the "100 billion yuan production equipment", it is a component that minimizes the significant impact of oil and gas, oil and gas, and other factors on the ecological environment and clean energy, by maintaining raw materials outstanding under pressure year after year.

From a technical application perspective, straight through flexible cables can be widely used in industrial robots, instruments and meters, mobile communication, laptops, office equipment, automatic generation equipment, on-board equipment, lifting equipment, and other fields.

The flexible cables worldwide are mainly divided into more than ten series, including flexible cables, electrical equipment cables, mineral cables, low smoke zero halogen and flame retardant cables, irradiation cross-linked cables, and various flame retardant mineral cables. We can provide you with all other types of cables you need to achieve different functions.

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