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The reduction in orders for round connectors in the ocean shipping market is no longer a major challenge for enterprises

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The reduction in orders for round connectors in the sea freight market is no longer a difficult condition for enterprises to meet.

● Poor fixation issues. When the operator screws the metal box into a narrow space, it can cause connector failure, reduce equipment connection, increase contact area, increase contact resistance, and make it difficult for the small mass of the contact surface flange. Causing leakage in the box, difficult to meet electrical performance, and difficult to improve operational efficiency.

● Poor contact of connectors. Due to poor contact of connectors and parallel connection between contact areas, the contact resistance decreases, which poses unreasonable requirements for electromechanical installation.

There is a significant difference in the comparison between the screw connection method and the bolt connection method. In general, the spacing between connectors is effectively measured, and the spacing in the market is reduced compared to previous connector spacing,

● Connector assembly. Some stamping parts, casting parts, and required stamping parts need to be imported for molding in many cases, and assembly parts are expensive (mainly based on actual assembly technology).

How to operate a connector assembly machine (wiring), also known as a circuit board or separation, refers to a machine where two or more electronic products are connected to each other. Can we use this type of circuit board directly? But the quantity may vary slightly.

Low voltage (power battery vehicle safety, etc.) batteries for the safety of hybrid vehicles and power battery vehicles, used for lighting and range in industrial and civil industries.

Ideal for high-speed transmission requirements. Due to the gradual shielding effect of some high-frequency characteristics (04 to 4) on the material, and the low convenience of low-pass and resistive plastics, they all belong to the design of high-voltage battery layout interconnection equipment. In terms of structure, combined with the hose structure and external dimensions inside the high-voltage battery, the product is light, thin, small, thin, high, and has good general spatial and nonlinear characteristics; Therefore, when commonly used for manufacturing high currents, the power supply can use current carrying conductive coils and high thermal conductivity wires with a shielding of ≥ 18A~400A.

=Battery positive electrode (functional characteristics) φ 25 wires, insulated terminals are made of copper plated silver terminals and precious metal plated nickel terminals, with good insulation performance. TPU secondary flame retardant terminals are resistant to oxidation. FFC cable in Shenyang city.

At present, intelligent video conferencing systems use video signal transmission media, which have different signal sizes compared to traditional video transmission interfaces. This eliminates the need for additional transmission media. Moreover, the video signal transmission medium has a well-defined fault-tolerant transmission characteristic, which can improve the content on the transmission line.

For devices that are difficult to transmit dual frequency and dual streams at ultra-high frequencies, but transmit data at complex frequency points, single line transmission or two line media parameter transmission can generally be used.

For devices that are difficult to transmit dual frequency streams in the ultra-high frequency region, a typical 09-30MHz video channel, a typical 09-30MHz dual frequency dual stream transmission interface, and another typical 09-30MHz single line transmission protocol interface.

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