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Ultimate Guide for Board to Board Connector Marketers

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The ultimate guide for board to board connector marketers explains: providing electrical performance connectors for device connectors, transmitting current or signals, and making connections very sensitive, stable, and safe. This gives greater advantages in cable connection.

The mechanical environment discussion area elaborates on solutions suitable for the development needs of surface space and extreme environments. The second type of engineering applications: surface space, marine geology, marine research, marine science, and marine applications. These areas are undoubtedly an important component of the sustainable development of connectors in the future.

Keywords: Smith intermodulation 127x12mm connector 21x25mm connector 10mm spacing.

Smith intermodulation 127x12mm connector with 20mm spacing and metal sheath is simple and safe. Bidirectional intermodulation 127x12mm, connector 224 spacing, connectors 050 and 01 mm (050 to 225 plugs).

Smith Intermodulation 127x12mm connector matched with series 127mm pitch connector, 64 plug connector, 17 plug-in terminal connector, 28 minimum series 127254mm pitch 224mm sheet contact surface insulation material, terminal coating (FPC) soldering. Each series of connectors provides a density of up to 260 mm spacing with compact spacing.

Smith Intermodulation 127x12 inline connector product is designed specifically for socket signal and data transmission - used for data transmission under board to board screens - specifically designed to meet the transmission requirements of various power signals - designed through parallel angles and keys - the shielded connector has a leak proof rating of F VP3 locking system identification system seat material EPSI control cabinet imported PET material desiccant waterproof plug FM16 heat sink at 18 ° C High temperature line leakage prevention provides e to 80 kA.

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