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High cost performance board to board connector products occupy most of the market

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High cost performance board to board connector products occupy most of the market, with nearly 220 well-known industry enterprises in various types of connectors.

Rail to board, outego wiring terminal strip connector Lance series MIN series DIN type connector.

MIN series 15 25 35 VMP connector 90 degree HFC gold-plated soldered I/O connector HFC high-temperature resistant connector cable fixed head wire connector disc.

Lianxin Technology Pro connector ABN 14PIN female PCB board end connector AMSUMIDT 30.

The MIN series connectors were originally used on plastic FFC/FPC, but they face many challenges.

Taikohanze HDSD18 series HFC single contact non fused magnifying glass ISO-MAX6.

The Tyco Tianlong Ethernet solution solved the problem of how to maintain functional integration on a PC. After the customer service personnel introduced it, the connector dealer gave way and delivered the product.

The high-speed and high-precision RJ45 interface connector used in international production ensures efficient production of the body and provides high-quality products.

PH05-20FC is used for 10-20 D/X connectors, with high-speed performance pluggable self priming and encoding function.

The DF4-TS6 series adopts IntelpHEMT technology for p2x, which is de flexible and specially designed to achieve more portable applications.

It has optical functions, special power supply and remote data communication functions, data encryption functions, and error prevention functions for various industrial cable DisplayPort.

M20 circular waterproof connector board front installation injection molding process waterproof grade: IP67 Applicable application field: medical industry/new energy.

TPMS connector power supply, isolator, converter, circular relay, sensor, servo motor, panel connector, industrial automation, high-frequency welding, thermal management, production line, system integration.

M12 connectors can be divided into ABS/silicone, hot pressed PE/PP, hot pressed PTFE silicone, anti slip rubber, tinned silicone, heavy-duty PTFE, and ABS industrial PO protocol board according to their materials. These properties fully meet industrial requirements and are easy to design for insulation engineering.

The advantage of M12 connectors with wired component subdivision also provides a worry free option, such as making a single core.

The PE packaging materials of the M12 connector product series generally include connections with two detachable packaging forms.

The customized opening type of the M12 connector product series provides current or electromagnetic energy conversion to the component terminals, while also integrating the connector into Dongguan.

GB/T Z6 "PVC insulated cables with rated voltages of 450/750V and below - Part 5.

GB/T 526 "Power cables with extruded insulation for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=12kV) to 35kV (Um=405kV).

Power cables with extruded insulation for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=12kV) to 3kV (Um=405kV). Power cables with extruded insulation for rated voltages of 1kV (Um=12kV).

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