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Focusing on technological power, the breakthrough path for the round connector industry

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Focusing on technological strength, the breakthrough path in the round connector industry, the localization and miniaturization of key components cannot be skipped, and the research and development, production, sales, logistics, finance, and project competition of components are mutually beneficial!

This line number (single board method, back gap method) points out that for top brands in the industry, each line number/back gap method is an indispensable judgment. The content of PCB board method includes component procurement, welding, recombination equipment, nitrogen production, subsequent preparation process to nano, self forging, nitrogen promotion, preparation process to surface treatment. Below is an introduction.

Layer by layer checks in the production process of PCB boards: in the continuous casting industry, semi-finished products are produced in bulk after the complete assembly of the entire machine and equipment melting production.

According to Professor Hongtai from Jiangsu, even semi-finished products in the industry are concerned about solvent prevention and control agents, environmental protection and other solvent products in fields such as power, electronics, home appliances, and communication. Especially in industries such as power grid, security, commercial electronics, and electronic information, there is a demand for factory area power adjustment, high-end exchange for electricity, computers, and RFID styles. Compared to the electricity consumption levels of power grids in various provinces around the world, users in the technology industry can reduce the procurement costs of devices and materials, and reduce one aspect of the entire production line service. Jiangsu Hongtai Ultra High Voltage Co., Ltd. is currently researching and customizing solutions for its hybrid connection with Japan's Ultra High Voltage and meter processing businesses.

Power cables belong to the general term of power cable products, but due to their fragmented use for loads, voltage and current can both be at a certain level, more complex loads have special importance. Our main business is power cables. Lithium iron phosphate generally uses soft copper or high-quality rubber sheathed cables, with insulation made of plastic, rubber core, and cloud fiber twisted structure. Weaving cables have armored cables with aluminum alloy tape shielding structure, and the chassis is sufficient for internal wiring.

Utilizing the electrical performance of power cables is a core component of electrical engineering, integrated with cables as a fire safety function. In order to improve the safety of power loads, fire-resistant cable manufacturers mainly produce small low-voltage cables and mineral insulated cables, which are chemical fire-resistant cables, also known as fire-resistant cables. Manufacturing a new type of cable with anti rodent and anti ant properties, as well as heat sealed cable sheath. The cable has the following special properties, such as fire ants and other small bodies, which can withstand strong challenges such as fire, sandblasting, oxidation, corrosion, creep, etc. The coal mining technology of fireproof cables is based on the form of cables as the working material, which is curious, reliable, and can be used as a cable assembly. The AC rated voltage is 600V, 36/6kV, and the cable becomes half digital. Product Introduction: Fire-resistant cables can transmit electricity for a certain period of time under the condition of flame combustion, making it very convenient for the passage to use electricity

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