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The secret I have summarized after studying multiple board to board connector products

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After studying multiple board to board connector products, I have summarized the secret content.

The structural design mainly includes assembly shell technology, automation shell technology with IC device control, and shell assembly docking technology.

The automation shell technology with IC device cards allows male and female heads to create more convenience in product design than traditional heads, which will allow manufacturers less time to raise production costs to more and lower levels. The automation shell technology has made the company's product design more advanced

Comprehensive diagnosis. Many different colored car wiring harnesses have been created in the automotive industry. The degree of difference in basic specifications is much higher than the corresponding usage, which also makes it more convenient for widely used cars.

In order to optimize shielding performance in response to the special friction of car wiring harnesses, some cars have used corresponding

In recent years, the EMC performance of various types of cars has rapidly improved, and connectors on communication and other communication devices are essential. In many cases, FMEA, WIFI, and WiFi related

If people continue to evolve, the development of wiring harnesses can strive to perform power and withstand voltage tests in 500 energy-saving locations around the world

Mainly used for car wiring harnesses and car peripherals. In order to improve the intelligent stability of vehicles, advanced industrial automatic testing equipment is selected.

The wiring harness has excellent system processing technology for various PR wiring harnesses inside the car, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the car.

The wiring harness needs to be separated from the car connector, and the wiring harness is a terminal inside the car. The car connector is an independent landmark inside the car.

Especially during the rapid development of healthcare. Button switches typically have a significant proposal effect, with their frequency increasing significantly, leading to a significant increase in demand from businesses.

The material requirements for wiring harnesses are very high. Generally, wire harnesses require tinning. However, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, if the wiring harness is tinned, it will cause significant corrosion, leading to electrical fires if the wiring harness components are too thin. The following diagram of the wire harness processing factory will be introduced.

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