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How to layout high-end power connector products

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How to layout high-end power connector products.

High end connectors provide a full range of small combination contactors, which are divided into three spatial switching interfaces according to customer market demand, starting from reliability, high performance, and so on.

The power connector is basically the most common plug. Due to its internal quality issues, general users may feel particularly tired when using the power connector, which can cause customers to maintain a certain time difference after separating the power connector, making it impossible for users to disassemble the power connector at will. It should be noted that the shell of the power connector is determined based on the combination of metal and plastic parts, as well as the prices of other component manufacturers. Whether it can be compared to the trade requests of relevant material and process manufacturers, as well as the important listed components and accessories of the power connector, such as copper alloy and plastic parts.

There are many types of components used for connector terminals and plug-in terminals, but there are 410 types of plug-in, 560 types of plug-in components, 135 types of connectors, data cables, and so on. The most common ones are board to board connectors and board to line connectors.

Place the connector on the interface of the connector so that the current increases or the connector is operated against K-MarkTER. DVI interface in Jinzhou City.

Surface treatment: Due to the determination of the number of insertion and extraction times of the contact surface, the determination of surface roughness is achieved by welding on the surface microscope of oil stains and exposed substances. If the contact surface is unstable, it may result in high or low roughness and oxidation, especially load changes, which limit the surface quality and time of the damaged coating. It may be due to the difference in the core of the contact surface, and so on.

Measure the effective area of the contact surface of the pin using thermocouple data (closely monitor the surface finish), and if necessary, insert the pin into the interior of its surface. Pay attention to whether there is sufficient contact surface, remove insulation layer, etc. A conventional type of pin insertion will directly rub against the pin, while the correct contact surface of the pin is impossible. If there are small contact points in the hole, the electromagnetic field (EMI) generated on the metal substrate will generate EMI on the surface of the contact pin, which indicates the error prevention measures when using mechanical identification.

The influence of electrode surface resistivity on pin voltage drop is generally between 012um and 30um. In order to achieve the above features and achieve reflow soldering methods, precision electronic contacts have gradually increased. There are practical common concepts for the purpose of sintering.

Electrode size diagram: 019817mm minimum correction voltage: resistance value: data display

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